Thursday, June 11, 2009

Brian's 24 Downtown

Lisa came back into town after being gone for 2 weeks, so after I sweated through 3 shirts at the local lindy hop scene, I called her up and she agreed to meet me at brian's 24 cafe downtown.

Brian's is really cool. Owned and run by a guy actually named Brian, and it's open 24 hours. They have amazing chocolate chip pancakes and giant shakes that are plenty for 2-3 people. They also have a fried chicken and waffle plate that is perfect for when you wish they'd named that late night craving equidistant from dinner yesterday to tomorrow's breakfast.

Everything on the menu is good. I recommend it. Plus, there is always an interesting assortment of people in there. I've had lively discussions with the post-party crowd more than once. All in all a good time. Check it out.

Oh, I carried the 17C and my usual 2 loaded mags, one hi-cap one not. No issues.

Carry On!


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