Thursday, June 11, 2009

SDPD detention statement from San Ysidoro incident.

So I wonder why I never got at least two of these from Escondido and one from El Cajon, seeing as how my ID was illegally seized and ran in the system two out of the three mentioned times... interesting, eh? This leads me to question whether or not I was actually detained those other times? If not, then what actually happened? Did I fall into some obscure loophole or what?

Anyways, here is the document. This one is from my yet unpublished San Ysidoro incident.


Also, it looks like El Cajon Police Department may actually be done with their Internal Affairs investigation. I should be getting a packet via certified return mail today at my house so we shall see what happens with that. Perhaps an update later today is in order.

Back to the educational grindstone, I got an O-chem final late Friday night!




J.R. said...

False arrest for daring to defend yourself, coverup. Simple!

Anonymous said...

Really looking forward to your report!