Thursday, July 23, 2009

Escondido Police Department Internal Affairs Letter

The only thing that wasn't mentioned was whether or not these officers were given training on how to not trample the 1A by turning off voice recorders. Officer Martin is very lucky I am even giving him a first chance on this without a civil suit.

Here is the letter.





J.R. said...

Interesting that the prelim report said it was a form letter.

"A usually impersonal letter in a standardized format that may be sent to different people or to large numbers of recipients."

I wonder why they felt the need to send a form letter regarding OC. I guess you're not the only one who's been put over a barrel by EPD.

SMS said...

Spot on, Nate!

Gerald said...

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Gerald said...

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Gerald said...

Have you seen the article in the North County Times about being stopped? Judging from the story I think it's about you being stopped.

TrackerPacker said...

Yep, that Nathan is none other than myself :)