Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Today warmed even the subcockles of my heart :)

Alright, I have had a pretty damn good day! Here is how it went.

At around 10:35 I commandeered my sister's truck to run some errands for the family. I was originally supposed to take my Dad but when he saw my Bag O' Gunz and realized that my errands were not quick ones he backed out, as he had to pick up my sister Anne. Perhaps another time...

First stop was Duncan's Gun Works to get my Browning Hi-Power's magazine disconnect removed (finally!) and while there I noticed that at least two employees were openly carrying! How cool is that!? I like to think that I infected them with the disease :) Things got even better when Hugo knocked out the pin, pulled out the magazine disconnect and reassembled the trigger group on my BHP and DIDN'T CHARGE ME FOR IT! I told that guy that I am buying him lunch sometime, he has seriously saved my keister a few times. Thanks Hugo!

After that, I went over to Walmart to check on the 9mm ammo supply. As luck would have it, 9mm was in stock! It was like Christmas! I ended up picking my max store load of 3 boxes and jetting out of there. While there I had no issues, though I am kind of looking forward to the day I get to converse with one of the security guards.. oh yeah!

After that I went over to Dizieline Lumber to pick up some split rail fencing and again, NO PROBLEMS! I even walked in front of an armored car and helped the guys on the back load up the lumber and I saw no agitation in either situation.

After that, it was Lowes again. As usual I had no issues but I ended up not getting anything since I forgot my $10 off coupon :( However, I did ball park the cost of the fencing that I will need to prevent the rabbits from ravaging my garden with reckless abandon. THe fence combined with the blind fury of my Bear Instinct should eliminate a lot of the threat to my garden's productivity!

On my way out from Lowe's, however, was the real treat of the day. As I put my gun away and was about to drive off, a woman that I passed by earlier came over and asked me who I worked for. I told her that I was a citizen and that it is legal to carry a firearm. I explained to her the rules and she gave a good eye roll to it (HAHA!) I handed her two of my business cards and she explained that her coworker said to not approach me because I "might end up shooting someone" but she knew that criminals dont OC! (Shocking, right? Someone who actually thinks!)

As it turns out, she was at one point in time a Sergeant in the military and was interested in carrying her handgun legally on her travels. I told her that that OC was completely legal in Arizona and that the Utah N0n-Resident CCW permit gave 27-28 state CCW privileges for extra hassle free fun. Needless to say, she was totally stoked.

Its the little things like talking with normal down-to-earth people that give me my OC inspirations.

With that, gotta dig a few fence holes. *Insert bplvr's cosmetologist joke here* ;)




elsensei said...

right on, little brother...right on!

elsensei said...

her coworker said to not approach me because I "might end up shooting someone"

You're telling me that these gutless reactionary pantywaists are the heirs of Jefferson and Adams?

Dr. Paleo Ph.D. said...

Dang buddy, you rock!

BTW, I'm 21 soon. What should I buy, and where/how?

TrackerPacker said...

FN FNP-9. One of the best pistols on the market.