Thursday, September 17, 2009

Documentation from my latest detainment

Well, this happened back in June. I am working on getting some closure on it from SDPD but they are currently saying that Officer Dobbs didn't violate department policy, which clearly violates Federal and State laws. In addition, I can't verify what these policies are so how am I to know who is telling the truth?

I should be getting a call back from a Lieutenant in Internal Affairs here pretty soon. It is almost as if they are begging for a lawsuit.

Police report pages


Radio transcript (I tried to get the audio, though that battle may not be over just yet)


Other documentation.

This is the "very specific form" that I had to fill out to get the radio transcript...


When I had sent this one in originally...


Can't get any more clear than that, right?

Here is what they sent me originally with just the police report.


Well, that is about it. I will let everyone know how this all goes.




Brandon said...

You know im all for gun rights, concealed/open carrying in CA but people like you are the ones that give it bad name to law enforcement and people watching you out and about. Ive seen your type all my life, you can't learn anything because you already know everything there is to know. The officer is concerned with his saftey so Mr. Clever (you and whatever other buffoon your with) snap back with an edgy "Am I required to answer that?". C'mon grow up, learn a few things about life, maturity and the proper way to get rights back. Once again im not a gun hating lefty but also not a LEO hating guy either. If we want our gun rights back in CA lets try going up north and actually getting somthing productive done instead of being a dick to deputies and police officers. Thanks, Brandon

elsensei said...

After you. Go on up north and tell me how it goes.

Oh, you're not willing? Why don't you just sit back and badmouth the guys in the trenches. It's easy!

Brandon said...

Sorry "Mr. Hero" but hanging in a mall badmouthing cops is not being in the "trenches". Once again you know everything about anything. You have no idea what I have done for gun rights in CA, let alone where I even live. So I'll ask you, when the LEO asked you if you had weapons why would you shoot back in a rude manner "Am I required to answer that?" Why not "Well sir we were UOCing earlier but where not right now"? There is no need to be rude to a cop who got a radio call by some gun hating moron. If you want a good image, try having an image with everyone you come in contact with. Try going on a ride along maybe you just might get a different perspective...But wait you probably already know what they do on a daily basis.

elsensei said...

Rude is taking an oath to support and defend the constitution, and then running around with your panties in a bunch trying to disarm everyone in sight.

And yes, I'll ask if I'm required to answer. I suppose in Nazi Germany you'd be singing the same tune, you fascist. "Just go along, cooperate, maybe your cattle car will have some insulation, they're only doing their job, blah blah blah."

Image? The image I want to project is of a free man harming no one and being left alone by the State.

Why don't you tell me what you've done for gun rights?

Brandon said...

Ok poindexter,
Do police make laws? What makes you an exception to man with a gun calls? Am I a Fascist because I know how politics rule things and the chain of command? A police officer has a job that requires them to respond to anything his computer/radio tells him to. They cant just say "oh its nothing it is probally someone excercising his rights". He walked up to you (which you and whatever dork you were with) matched the description exactly with a bulge in your front pocket. This is when you would tell him "ya that was us unloaded open carrying earlier but now we are not", see how much of a different reaction you would have got...and your talking about a lawsuit! Please your no better than the street hoods that sue after their assholes to cops. Ive also watched your asinine videos on youtube, once again you snap back to people giving you intelligent feedback with some stupid remark...And if you want to see what ive done you can watch an 8 sec video of me on name on there is rudeboy3

Javi said...

I'm not sure what hitting six out of ten does for gun rights...

Two things:

1. Dobbs states in his report the best information he had was someone CCW. Yet in the transcript of the radio calls there is mention at least 3 times that the handgun was being carried openly in a holster.

2. Dobbs states in his report the question asked by the suspect was if it was illegal to carry a weapon. On the voice recorder the question asked is to the legality of the question.

Now I wasn't there, so, I can't comment as to the conduct of ANY party involved. That being said the SDPD has a long standing reputation of overstepping their authority and overreacting. Even other departments don't think much of them.

When it comes down to it, do what you feel is right and let karma handle the rest.

elsensei said...

seven seconds of you shooting a handgun? that's it? WTF?

I checked your youtube profile for something else in the 8 second range, but nope, that's the only video of you.

And there I saw that you're in law enforcement, or have a hardon for those guys.

Explains everything.

elsensei said...

and you're a fascist because you're supposed to question whether a law you're called to enforce is constitutional.

"i vas just following ordurs" hit the skids at nuremburg.

rude, boy, fascist...idiot.

ThisSlickDevil said...

WTF- Brandon?!
Sadly, thats my name as well.
I 100% disagree with you. There is no Way possible for the LEO’s to learn nearly every step of their ‘procedure’ is ILLEGAL.
“Ignorance of the Law is no excuse”, ever heard that one? Well it only rings true for Citizens of a Community, but does not apply to Law Enforcement.
I support Nate’s actions and feel he is doing all of us CA Gun Owners a favor in fighting the advance of a police state being implemented here.
So, Mr. Brandon I bid you good day and Hope you and the Rest of your lefty’s would suddenly awake and realize it is “you” who is ruining our once beautiful state and nation.