Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Gun buyback

So I went to the latest San Diego "Giftcards for Guns" buyback on Market Street in an attempt to inform people of their gun's value and to prevent these valuable guns from being senselessly melted down into rebar. This event was held by the UAAMAC (acronym represents a name that is way too long) and the SDPD. I have since found out that about 105 guns were submitted for destruction. However, one of them just didn't make it to the rebar factory.

Guess who got the other gun?





elsensei said...

Freaking brilliant! I can't wait for the next one!

Wildhawker said...

Well done, and nice find!

r said...

I didn't know you guys actually bought any! How come you didn't post it on your blog beforehand?! Could have gotten a nice deal.

Was there anything else worth buying?

The Warrior said...

That's just why you rock.

While I'm on the subject, may I comment how much I appreciate your blog and your personal efforts to preserve our freedoms, one day at a time.


William said...

Excellent!!! Sticking it to "the man", and ending up with a nice toy... definitely priceless.

JALewis said...

Dang $200! Yur tha Man! Way to go, that's awesome. So why no transfer fee? Doesn't Kali want every gun, even FTF transfer, to go through a FFL?