Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Donut shop, Old Navy and the Mall.

I took my sister today to get her oil changed and while waiting for the billing and stuff I slipped the Tracker into her holster and went over to the donut shop (I love donuts!). I ordered my French Crueller (one of the few things the French have done right) and despite the blatant hippie (yes, he was from SF!) in the place there were no alarms raised.

Then, we hopped into the car and went over to Old Navy to scoop up some clothes on sale. No alarms were raised here either. Fitting room lady had no issues and even joked with me about the lack of jeans in my size at the cash register.

After that, we went to the mall (North County Fair) and I walked over to MasterCuts (aka BastardCuts) from the rear entrance near Red Robin to get my head shaved for an exorbitant fee. The hair stylist didn't notice much and didn't say anything if she did. It should be noted that the cape I had on covered the gun while I was getting a haircut so I am not sure if I was illegally concealing? I did pull it up and over a little bit for posterity... then again, maybe I am being a little paranoid?

I got done a little early (she decided not to use her artistic talent in sculpting my hair, that unimaginative dork) so I called my sister and met her down at New York and Co. No problems or looks going to and being in the store.

Same with on the way out.

As usual, everything was eventless.

With that, I am off to clean my car... it is in need of at least a good vacuuming!


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