Saturday, July 12, 2008

Quality Circle meeting.

So this morning I went to a "Quality Circle Meeting" (aka get together and talk about what is going on in the workplace) for my job and since this was an invitation meeting at an alternate location (Paneras), I decided to pack the Tracker.

I must admit, stepping into Paneras for the first time was pretty scary. My stomach was feeling a bit butterfly-ish but I quickly got over that as I knew that I was well within my legal confines. The only major threat was a preschool nearby but since preschools are not government mandated institutions, I was in the legal clear.

It is funny to mention that my boss actually joked with me about carrying my revolver to the meeting a few days prior and actually said I could carry it in. Part of me thinks he was joking because the look on his eyes when I showed up was priceless. Nevertheless, he made no further objections than the usual comments of "Why do you have that thing?" and the meeting went just fine. Little did I know that although we (the 12 of us) were invited to come, we were all actually getting paid and getting breakfast as well (chocolate bagels are my favorite!) so I guess I got to pack heat while on company time... pretty sweet!

It is also funny to note that one of my coworkers, Brian, is a complete and utter tool and was trying to tell me how illegal it was to conceal carry. When I told him it was open carrying and that one could conceal with a license, he still said I was in the legal wrong. I bet him 20 bucks that I was legal and even told him that he could call his cop cousin (who also works with me on occasion) to verify. Of course, all my coworkers told him that they trusted me in this legal matter and he promptly shut his trap... for the time being.

Later on, he did call his cousin and he said that it was legal for me to do that. Brian told me that the laws were "passed recently", that I was asking for trouble and police harassment (let them come!) and that "psychos" like me shouldn't be allowed to carry or own a gun, especially since Columbine happened. I told him that shootings always happen in "gun free zones" and he responded with "Exactly!" Like I said, he is a tool and has, in several ways, advocated for a police state.

After that, I stopped by Costco at my mother's request to see if there were some Disney tickets to be had. Unfortunately, they were out so I proceeded to my "happiest place on earth"... THE GUN SHOW!!!

Now, I know that California gun shows are severely dumbed down, but I still find great joy in them. With Heller reaffirming what everyone already knows, a .44mag strapped to my side and 200 bucks in my pocket, why shouldn't I be happy?

Very soon after my entrance I found a kid buying a parkerized Cold Steel Bushman, a knife that I have been looking for FOREVER! Unfortunately, it was the last one so I will have to wait a while longer but I did get to talk with Michael Miller of American Street Combat and Frank Griffin of Gryphon Detective Agency about open carrying and the like. These fine gentlemen both gave me their business cards and I was offered a free combat lesson to boot! In exchange, I gave them the address to this blog.

While my search for what I wanted (good safe, Cold Steel Trailhawk tomahawks and other such nonsense) came up short, I did walk out with 250rds of 225gr .44mag ammo, a set of .44mag snap caps, a brick of .22 (10 bucks!) and some cleaning supplies. I did figure out the safe that I need/want to buy so now I have to just search around and find it. I was offered a good deal at the gun show for a Patriot P22 but I did not want to go on an impulse buy so I decided to stick it out for a little longer. The P40 looks SOOOO tempting too but alas! Out of my budget.

With that, I must depart. The garden has need of my TLC.

Until next time.



l_cruiser said...

Dude you are wacked. You only open carry for the attention. At 21 you have NO real training and will get yourself killed or someone else.I bet you haven't thought of the liability you are putting yourself and your family. Stupid is as stupid does. You rant like a child on crack.If I ever see your dumbass in Costco packing,I will personally take your gun away from you and throw it in the river.

Freedom Fighter said...

You are entitled to your opinion, but since the Supreme Court has determined that the police have no legal responsibility to protect the lives of their constituents, it is up to us to take the torch and run with it.

While the threat of me being attacked is slim, my actions do serve as an education base so that people can be informed of and follow the laws in an interactive manner.

As for my training... well, that is subjective and I don't see any requirements for it in the Constitution or the penal code. Then again, there isn't any training for criminals, eh?

Tread not on the rights of others. Go in peace.


P.S. Please don't try to disarm me. I might fear for my life and then... well, you get the picture.

Also, there aren't any rivers out here.

Anonymous said...

LOL! I would love to watch Nate slam Mr. cuiser to the Costco asphalt, with his gun in his ear!

"Hello Police? I would like to report a pre-meditated assault. Yes Sir, I have proof of a threat on my blog site, where he says he will attack me at Sir, there are no rivers here."

Keep up the OC buddy, we've got your back!

Army, from CalGuns

saigon1965 said...

Well Mr. Cruiser - Or should I call you keyboard commando. Making threats as such will land you in the big house.

Cheers Nate. Good job on the blog.

sigfan said...

Why assume that a 21 year old will have no real training? I was two deployments deep by the time I was legal to drink. I'd like to think I received real training. And so can anyone else by that age, even w/out military experience, if they take the time and spend a bit of money. And oh yeah if you ever see me open carry and try to take my gun...well let say typing out threats is much more difficult one handed.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Cruiser:

One needs no training to carry a firearm. There are no 'training' requirements in the Constitution. When you're being mugged and beaten, why don't you try asking for help from one of us simple, untrained, 'dumbasses'. Oh, and mention you left that comment, we might be more likely to help. Not.

My father was a major crimes detective for 40 years, and fought in Vietnam. My brother is a CHP officer. My grandfather was special forces in WWII. These are the people who taught me how to handle a gun with care and respect. They taught me how to defend myself WITHOUT a weapon. They gave me the knowledge I need to carry myself with dignity, and to defend myself, my family, and my fellow man.

Do I have 'real training'? Of course not. Am I, through self-restraint and common sense, a benefit to the welfare and safety of society? I'd like to think so.