Friday, July 11, 2008

Hello everyone!

Well, it has come time for me to step out of the familiar shadows of my favorite gun forums (Primarily, but I have been known to post, albeit sporadically, on,, and and into a more online community accessible format. the BLOG.

To start off, I would like to list the reasons why I participate in the legal open carrying of my weapons, an activity that is seen by many a supporter and antagonist as futile and meaningless.

1) I am trying to effect change by peaceable actions.The concealed carry laws here totally suck and the open carry ones aren't much better. With the Heller decision coming down in our favor, it shouldn't be too hard to effect some measure of change, like getting rid of the "unloaded in incorporated only" policy, etc.

2) To inform law enforcement of the laws. All too often, law enforcement does not realize what the laws are and are too quick to punish and ruin those following those laws. By following the law and making sure that the law enforcement is notified beforehand, I can effect a change in the mindset and practices of our favorite law enforcement officers so that we as free men can exercise our rights in the fullest capacity granted by law.

3) To inform the public about firearms. All too often I am asked why I own a gun (or guns), the "licensing requirements" and other such questions concerning the law, history and the general sport of shooting. With open carrying, it affords me an opportunity to diffuse my knowledge and bring other people into the sport. As it stands now, I have a policy of "You pay for the range, I will bring the guns and ammo" as a way to get people to try out our noble sport.

Being that I am a thoughtful soul, all comments, questions and ideas are appreciated and will be answered appropriately.

Thanks for reading. Time for some stories!

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