Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Cold Stone and Dark Knight

So my friend Stephanie and I, both kindred spirits of things geeky and cool (I practice geekiness in a more moderate tone, she is FULL-OUT geeky... LOVE IT!) went out to see The Dark Knight at the local Esconghetto theatre. Since this area is usually filled with some questionable characters, especially late at night, I decided that the Tracker would accompany me.

So right after Bible study, Steph jumped into my car and we headed over to the theatre. I nearly stopped at my favorite donut joint but Steph, anxious to get to the damned movie 30min prior to the start time, jockeyed me along.

Steph initially balked at me packing when we got to the theatre and caught sight of Tracker being pulled in a sloooow manner out of my gun bag but I insisted that it was OK and everything was legal. After inserting Tracker into her rightful home, a hankering for ColdStone(r) hit me so we both went in. There were 4 teenage girls in the typical late night "I was going to bed but then decided to get ColdStone(r)" look of wrinkled Juicy pants and gaudy tank tops, as well as a married couple with their child. Everyone saw I was carrying and made no hint of alarm.

After excessive joking and bantering with Steph about all manner of nonsense in ColdStone(r) while waiting to be helped, we finally selected, paid and carried out our Love It-sized cheesecake, Oreo and Reese's Pieces masterpiece of glucose wonder to the area in front of the theatre and ate it. Again, no alarms were raised.

After paying for our tickets we both walked into the theatre. Again, no alarms were raised. Same with selecting our seat (it was fully lit at the time) and watching the movie (then again, who is going to see it?)

Walking out was a non-issue as well.

I love having a little faith instilled in me! I must admit, I got a big jolt of butterflies going into there for the first time but now I feel completely fine. Only one other time in my life have I gotten butterflies that bad but that was actually for a good thing :0)

Anyways, I have to go to bed. I have to take my sister to class and have my genetically bastardized teeth drilled and filled, sans numbing, later in the afternoon. Maybe I should carry into the dentist's office... naw, better not make her nervous, teeth hurt like hell!

Until next time...

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