Saturday, July 12, 2008

OWB photo of the Makarov

Once this pistol is registered to me (and cleaned up a little bit) I will be open carrying it. (For those observant readers, this is the 2nd Makarov that I have procured)

This holster is great. Rob of Simply Rugged has never made a holster for the Makarov (he does the Walther PP and PPK though, the Makarov gets the design from the Walther PPK) so I sent him a tracing and detailed photos with measurements and he made me this little gem. While I would have preferred a thumb strap, this holster hugs this gun so well it doesn't need one.

This gun is also pretty nice as it has a ClipDraw on it for small of back carry... just for those occasions that you never know will come up. It fits in the holster just fine while on the gun, which is nice.

Well, adios for now.


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