Thursday, July 15, 2010

FUD at Turner's Kearney Mesa

So I stopped by Turner's in Kearney Mesa today to see if anyone decided to pawn off any cool rifles that I could snag on the cheap. While there I chatted with a sales associate about my 5.11 Select Carry pack. I told him about it, showed him the Makarov I was LUCCing in the chest pocket and when I told him about Lori Saldana's goons at the Lafayette debate, things began to go downhill. I am just going to itemize the FUD that he spewed forth.

1) He said that the cops in Lafayette could have demanded ID from me. This sparked a $100 bet on whether or not California has a stop-and-ID statute. More details on this later.

1) He said that if you drove somewhere in a car, got out on foot and were stopped by an officer that the officer could compel ID.

2) He said that my LUCC'd Makarov was a violation of the law and store policy. He only mentioned this after he had Googled the law for a few minutes, went into the back room to discuss something with a manager then got all huffy when leaving to attend another customer. I had to let another guy check my Makarov (it was cool, it sparked a talk on Makarovs for a bit). Also, I do not feel that I violated store policy and neither do the other sales guys. I will be asking corporate tomorrow.

3) He said that there is a length limit on knives in California. Another $100 bet was levied on this but I believe he backed out of it.

4) He said that his buddy down in Harbor Patrol has "run the OCers out of his area" and that he would do the same to me if I showed up in the Harbor area. Looks like I have a new challenge and yet another way to spend by Thursday nights (while single)

5) He challenged me to give him my license plate number so that he could call his SDHP friend and harass me while I was LUCCing/UOCing a pistol. It just keeps getting better.

6) He tried to school me on private property law and how he was a nice guy for not telling me to leave. Yeah...

As for the bet, I left him my email address so he could Gunpal the money when he figures out that he the loser. I am not holding my breath though, he looks as dishonest as the day is long.

On the bright side, I got recognized by a guy in the store whose brother was inspired by the Reader article and OC'd his shotgun in San Bernadino for a school project. He ended up getting detained for 1.5 hours, having his gun disassembled to check for loaded status (even though he had a safety lock through the action) and was eventually let go. Not necessarily a good story, but kind of a cool school project.

I also educated the same guy on concealing fixed blade knives. He showed me his two fixed blades under his jacket and I quickly corrected 10 years worth of misinformation. I also gave him advice on covering his rear legally in terms of reading and knowing the law.

Such was my day at Turners. If anyone stops by there at all, feel free to nag him about the bet. I don't know his name but he is a late 30s-early 40s guy with gray hair and moderate build.

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Gino said...

After hearing about and then reading the blog you posted concerning me and Turner’s, I decided to write this note with the hope you might listen and learn a little. If nothing else, here is a perspective of how other people see your behavior. I encourage you to share this (unedited) with your readers.

The Turner’s stores have a few important guidelines regarding gun handling and transportation at their facilities. If Turner’s didn’t have these rules, imagine the potential for chaos with 15 or 20 customers standing in the display area handling loaded firearms with the safeties off. That’s why these guidelines are posted as a big, bold sign right next to the entry door. The sign says, “Empty, Open, and Safe. ALL GUNS MUST BE CHECK IN WITH THE CASHIER”

These rules are not designed to denigrate our customers or deprive them of their 2nd Amendment rights. Rather, these simple guidelines help prevent potential legal and safety violations. It’s as simple as that. While many of our thousands of customers are educated about and experienced with firearms, quite a few are novices who have yet to learn all the laws and proper procedures for gun transportation and safe handling.

Rarely do we have problems with these rules because the vast majority of shooters are polite and respectful about bringing a firearm onto someone else’s property. But you are different. It seems you want to be treated as a celebrity; like someone who is “above” the rules everyone else is expected to follow. Instead of adapting to Turner’s guidelines, you want Turner’s to ignore their own rules just for you. And if an employee should remind you of Turner’s gun-handling rules, as we are required to do by our supervisors, your reaction is to argue and confront, posture and insult. Like a recalcitrant child, getting your way seems to be your defining motivation.

In your blog you accused me of dishonesty and being ignorant of firearms regulations. But reality is quite different than your twisted, self-promoting perceptions. I am a military veteran and NRA member who has been buying and selling firearms probably for more years than you’ve been an adult. As a long-time member of the firearms industry and a current representative at Turner’s, my customers depend on me having the depth of education to give them accurate information. I have to answer their questions regarding the proper and legal procedures for purchasing, transporting, handling, shooting, and maintaining firearms. I have been trained by industry instructors, college professors, and law enforcement officers to do this, and not one of my customers has ever been misled into legal problems by following my advice.

My goal is to encourage the growth and prosperity of shooting, not to chase after media attention. Unlike you, I don’t share my firearms knowledge to promote myself as an activist “expert.” Unlike you, I don’t attack and insult someone who disagrees with my opinions. And unlike you, I don’t have a phobia against following sensible rules or appropriate authority figures.

You are welcome to come into Turner’s, even if all you want to do is disagree. If I am not busy helping customers, I’ll patiently try to listen to your spiel. Just remember, please, to follow our guidelines concerning safe gun handling the next time. Gino Gonzalez

Rizwan ali said...

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