Monday, July 5, 2010

St. Bridgid's Parish

I carried during mass at St. Bridgid's Parish on Cass Street after my Independence Day activity. I had one gentleman ask me if I was an off-duty cop and the two people with him were all smiles when I told them "Nope, I'm just an ordinary guy" and "Happy Fourth!" No one else in church seemed to care.

Let freedom ring.




elsensei said...

what would Jesus do?

Probably high-five you.

J.R. said...

Or buy you a drink of water.

The Warrior said...

elsensei: HA! Love it!

Guns in our streets, oh noez! our churches! This is what is to come.

lorisaldana said...

Who would mistake you for a cop? Your way to small and frail. Thank god you have that big ole gun to protect you Napoleon! Why dont you pick up a gun with actual intent to use it like our police and military do everyday? But you look real cool in PB with your gun dont you tough guy?