Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Interesting documentation from Sunnyvale Police Department

So bad_ace has uncovered some pretty good documentation from Sunnyvale Police Department that indicates that many of the officers are disgruntled by the fact that OCers are a law-abiding crowd. I guess that simple and impartial enforcement of the law is not an option anymore.

A summary of the documentation from bad_ace (shamelessly copied from his post on OCDO)

1. It seems SPD has a collaborative effort to stifle open carry activities.

2. They know it’s legal so they’re spending time finding ways to arrest for other things. (guilty before proven innocent)

3. SPD actively monitors opencarryradio.com, my youtube channel, and OCDO

4. They are informing neighboring departments when we have meet ups their.

5. They desperately want to arrest us for “failure to ID” (as if that’s a real thing). They know PC148.9 is bull, so they look for other tactics.

6. SPD wants to start a “Public Information Component” to educate the public on Open Carry. (Ministry of Truth?)

7. An off duty officer has called 911 on open carriers in Sunnyvale.

8. SPD is building a GIS maps database of school zones.

Links to the documentation

Document set 1
Document set 2

Now, I am going to go on a little bit of a schpeal here...

While it is NOT recommended that people OC at this time, (even I recommend not doing so at this moment) due to imminent political and legal issues (there IS a bill that has been drafted to ban UOC and it appears like it has been drafted so that it will invariably get a lot of innocent people arrested for even harmless transport) as well as the fact that we have no "legal teeth" so to speak (since the 2A is a PRIVILEGE at the moment, not a RIGHT) AND Calguns Foundation is NOT protecting OCers at the moment. I hate to admit it, but OCing right now is, OVERALL, not exactly the best idea. This argument has been hashed out many times over on OCDO and CGN so I will not rehash it here too much. I know it sounds weird coming from someone like me that has been so vocal in the past and has been published, but I know that the standing and expertise of the great members of the Calguns Foundation have not erred yet and so I am inclined to generally agree with them.

Once the 2A is incorporated AGAINST THE STATES via McDonald v. Chicago, we will get our prayers answered via Nordyke v. King and then we can really have the tools we need to win this emotionally draining fight for our rights. Yes, we do have to wait another SIX months but trust me, the juice is definitely worth the delayed squeeze on this one. We have the best men in the country working on this case and while it hurts to wait, that is just what we must do... WAIT.

Now, should one decide to open carry at this time (I am not your mother, I can only advise), I would like to warn you that cops getting much wiser about open carry and they are looking to up their game. The evidence presented above shows me that many police departments are evolving and are coordinating in an effort to simply arrest an OCer, ANY OCer, so that an OCer can be made an example by the State. They don't want that one 74 year-old guy in San Jose, they want one of the frequent posters on OCDO/CGN, anyone that is very experienced with the subject matter OR someone that is younger. DO NOT GIVE THEM THAT OPPORTUNITY! DO NOT LET YOUR DEFENSES FALTER! If it smells like a skunk, then it is a skunk and you need to act accordingly.

With that, I must depart for class.




badace said...

"there IS a bill that has been drafted to ban UOC"
Do you have a link to this?

grammaton76 said...

I know the legislature has been twiddling with it for over a year now. UOC is something they've been upset at for quite some time now.

I am unaware of any further details, but at least the earlier drafts were as Nathan said, definitely going to screw over people for transportation and such.

Just bear in mind that the attempted expansion bill from last year (which wasn't even targetted at open carry directly) would have banned simply taking your gun to your car, period, if you lived within a school zone. Even if you had a locked case.

grammaton76 said...

Page 36 of the second PDF is interesting. Notice that it's in the 'Dingbat' font, or something like it?

If you had the electronic copy, I bet if you selected the text and changed it to a different font you'd uncover an intentionally obfuscated message designed to confuse printed PRAR requests such as this one.

Cheryl said...

Is this the one I was really upset about last year? If they are trying to pass that crud again I may just have to do what I can to get some state reps out of a job.

J.R. said...
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J.R. said...

What we really need is the 4A incorporated. Oh, it already is, and they violate it and get away with it constantly anyway? @*$%!

Decoding page 36 by sight...

Crap, I'm extrapolating here, but it appears it's just the tech Captain being cute by replicating his sig in Wingdings.

Captain Jeffrey Plecque
Manager - T...

David said...

I'd like to see SoCal citizens allowed CCW permits in the "shall issue" mode. Like 30 other States. How is it that some citizens are allowed rights while other citizens are denied those same rights? I'd like to carry concealed if I want to!
What would it take to accomplish this?

Anonymous said...

page 36 of document two reads is a error in typing the webbings read the same as above,

Captain Jefferey Plecque
Manager Technical Services Bureau
700 all americaa way...

ThisSlickDevil said...

post more Blogs Nate! =( I miss my morning reads... So, I take it youre still standing down on open carry? Sadness consumes me. . . ;)

DaveW said...


Can I get your email address.

I would like to ask you some questions about open carry.