Tuesday, September 28, 2010

You gotta buy this.

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As you may know, I just got back from defensive handgun training at Front Sight in Nevada. I have been a liberty junkie for as long as I can remember, and history shows that unarmed people end up slaves. Or worse. Therefore, I've always been a big proponent of firearms in the hands of the common man.

In April, Front Sight was offering a 4-day defensive handgun class, plus a one-day 30-state concealed carry class, plus a stainless steel knife, a belt, hat, shirt, training manuals, armorers mat etc, for 1199. Plus, you got a free new-in-box Springfield XD pistol in 9mm, .40sw or .45. The gun alone is $600 anywhere you go and it comes with a speedloader, a holster and two magazines with their own holster. So it seemed like a pretty good deal to me for 1200 bucks so I bought it.

The gun is absolutely terrific (I got it in .45) and the training was the best I've ever seen. I graduated #1 in my class of 36, ahead of SWAT team officers and active duty and retired police officers. Mind you, I'm no gunslinger but the training was that good.

That course and gun offer is now on their website for 1500 bucks. https://www.frontsight.com/free-gun.asp

On Monday, Front Sight sent out an email offering anything you've purchased from them for half price. That's right, I can buy those gun and training deals for $600! The gun ALONE goes for six hundred dollars! If you've never fired a gun before, once you train you will be totally competent and knowledgable. If you have some experience but haven't been to Front Sight, you will be amazed at how much you didn't know that you didn't know. If you think you're a pretty good shot but haven't been to Front Sight, I bet I'm better than you. So go get trained!

Anyone who wants in on this deal, it has to go through me. I'm not getting anything out of this but a better armed better trained citizenry, which I already stated is key to a free and safe society. Plus, the knowledge that I am pissing off socialist par excellence Obama and the rest of his statist pals.

Contact me if interested and hurry up because Front Sight said they can pull the offer at any time.


Shakur said...

good job....

Tim, the working cop said...

I want to say, as a US military veteran, and a 25 year veteran of LAPD, I am ashamed of those clowns in SDPD. I know the law and I am not afraid of someone with open carry. When the gun comes out of the holster that's another story. I support efforts of honest citizens to exercise their rights to bear arms. The 12031 law exempting open carry was precisely written to allow people to protect themselves in public. Open Carry cause has been briefed to LAPD roll calls. I remind my officers don't give up tactical advantages but also use common sense. I must correct you on one thing though. An officer may inspect the weapon to see if it is loaded and may at that time, detain you as long as it is reasonably necessary to determine if the weapon (handgun) is registered to you or possibly stolen. To determine if it is registered to "you" would require that "you" produce identification verifying who "you" are and that you are the person registered to that handgun. RELAX I know about the exceptions for "borrowed" weapons less than 30 days.. but you would have to provide that "reasonable" explanation why the handgun you are open carrying is not registered to you and it might be helpful to the investigation if that person who lent you the weapon could confirm that (though that confirmation might not be required at the time of your detention) TIM, the working cop!

Seo said...
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Shane said...

There's an instructor at Frontsight who does a radio show I listen to. (Dave Champion Radio Show). He recently mentioned your case on one of his episodes. If you don't already listen to it, I highly recommend his show. Based on what I have read here, he's right up your alley. I podcast it out of iTunes but there are several different ways you can listen if you are so inclined.

Jeremy said...

Wondering why you said the NRA is the biggest gun control organization?