Friday, November 21, 2008

Pleasant Ralphs Experience

In order to kill some time after work and stock up for my weekend post-shooting trip barbeque, I decided to head over to the Ralphs near my work (strapped!) and pick up a few things.

Upon heading in, I grabbed a newspaper ad detailing the specials and sat down at the internal coffee venue (Coffee Bean, I think) to peruse it. After a few minutes I got up and walked to the meat section. At this point, the general manager looked a little nervous but she was not hysterical nor were the employees acting weird.

Since Porterhouse steaks were on sale for 3.99/lb, I picked up a few flats and headed to the self-checkout. I scanned in my first of 3 packs and the computer said to wait for an attendant. Lo and behold, the manager came over and we had a congenial conversation about OCing. Here is how it went..

Me: Umm, it says to get an attendant, do I just put in my phone number?
Manager: Is that a real gun (said really fast)
Me: Pardon me?
Manager: Is that a real gun?
Me: Yep.
Manager: Are you a sheriff or something?
Me: Nope, just a normal citizen.
Manager: Are you allowed to do that with some sort of permit or something? Why not conceal it?
Me: Well, open carry doesn't require a permit and if I conceal without a permit it is a misdemeanor *explained rules here*
Manager: Oh, alright then. Yes, put your phone number in here....

Then she walked away. No problems whatsoever, no rampant calls, no freaking out.

After I left the store I called my dad and asked if he wanted any steaks or anything while I was there and he said to pick up some beans, so went back in and got a few pounds and left again. No problems.

Hot damn people!

OK, off for some errands.