Saturday, December 13, 2008

Turners and Roadhouse

So I went today with my friend JP to transfer his first gun, a Ruger Single Six, to his name at Turner's San Marcos and I open carried while there. While waiting during the paperwork process, one employee (kinda looks like Clark Kent) said "Dude, you're printing!" to which I said, "Yeah, it's supposed to!" I then chatted up the other guy behind the counter that was doing the paperwork (can't remember his name, but he is totally cool!) about my stories, some of the laws, etc. and we have a good laugh about a few things. One customer overheard me talking about OCing and asked me about some of the laws and I filled him in on the basics and gave him my blog address and told him that he could find more of the legal stuff on the side bar.

After that was finished (and I molested two CZ-75s), JP and I went over to the Original Roadhouse across the street and I did my thing over there. JP said he was a little nervous about it and told me to go in ahead of him to be safe but no one really noticed and our meal went without issue.

Time to clean up a few things. Good night all!


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