Friday, October 24, 2008

UPS, FedEx, Jimbo's, Ace Hardware,

Yep, open carried into each of these places and no one said a word.

Went to UPS to do a price check on shipping a package and then went home (this is en-route on errands)

A few hours later I went to FedEx and got a price check and ended up shipping my object with them since it was 30% less than UPS. I was in there for 10min, no problems.

Curious about the beer selection at Jimbo's, I went inside and perused for a little bit. I was quite stoked to see the shelves stocked with Stone, Harp and some other assorted good looking brews. After November 18th I shall have to try some of them out, yay!

After that I went into Ace Hardware to get a special screwdriver for a prank I am thinking of pulling. Everyone was cordial and unconcerned.

Just to let everyone know, the UPS, Jimbo's and Ace Hardware are all in the same shopping center and in very close proximity to a Sheriff substation. It is funny to note that the sheriffs come into my work all the time and stuff so I am really anxious to serve them sometime and quiz them on some gun laws (if I can segue into that conversation without being too eager.)

Off to pack, I have a shooting trip in the morning!


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