Saturday, January 24, 2009

Duncan's, Washington Mutual and Lowe's

I took a trip back to Duncan's Gun Works today to get my friend's Colt SAA fixed again, as it wasn't locking up properly. While there, I had the Tracker with me and I perused some of the guns (deciding between a Beretta 92, CZ-75, BHP and a Glock 17) while waiting to be helped. Eventually, the topic of conceal carry laws in various states and California arose between Hugo and two customers (typical of a gun shop) and I chimed in with my open carry schpeal. After a discussion on open carry, OLLs and other such gun topics, I invited them to the next open carry outing and told them to check my blog and to better inform themselves of the law. I also gave Hugo my blog address and an invitation to go down to the next OC outing as well, so I hope he shows up :)

After the SAA got fixed (100 year-old mainspring finally went :( ) I left and went over to Washington Mutual on Twin Oaks to make deposits for my sister and I. I was in the bank for about 15 minutes for the entire transaction and I heard not a word or gasp.

Getting back on the freeway for home I remembered that I had forgotten to get some Loctite at Home Depot so I could finally install my new 10/22 Tech Sights so I decided that a detour to Lowe's was in order.

While asking for directions to the Loctite, the hardware counter employee looked a little nervous and while I was leaving for the Paint aisle, the following conversation ensued...

-Hey, you know you're carrying a gun, right?
-Oh yeah, I know.
-Are you law enforcement?
-No, I am a normal citizen.
-That is legal?
-Yes it is *insert legalities here*
-Wow, that is so weird that no one stopped you, as we've had some problems with armed robberies at some other locations.
-Oh thats lame. Yeah, just here to pick up some Loctite *smile*

We had a talk about some more firearm stuff and I left him my blog address in case he had any more questions on the law and whatnot.

Another day, another great experience. Off to study some O-Chem!




elsensei said...

That guy at Lowe's must have been lying through his teeth about the armed robberies. Armed robbery is ILLEGAL. That means it's against the law to do it. That means it won't happen, because it's ILLEGAL! Like, they passed a law against it!

Aw dammit...looks like I'd better go to Kaiser and get my liberalism vaccination updated. I seem to be turning stupid again.

J.R. said...

Hey, you know you're carrying a gun, right?
-(look around your person, see gun, slap hands on cheeks Home Alone style) Holy shnikes! Where did THAT come from?

Mark said...

I'm amazed that one can walk into a bank in CA with an openly carried gun and not get slammed to the ground and cuffed by armed guards or cops.

First time I CHL'd into my bank in TX I was sweating bullets, sure that I'd be 'made.' After a few times, it's no big deal.

Still, OC into a bank in CA. They must get briefed on the OC laws regularly there. I just can't imagine how else there's no big deal made of it.

TrackerPacker said...

I have OC'd into several banks, Mark, no issues at all. I am certain though that these banks are not familiar with UOC but are familiar with security guards OCing, so maybe they think I am an off-duty security guard, who knows.