Saturday, January 3, 2009

Shooting Trip and Jilberto's

So my friends and I went this morning to meet up with some Calgunners for a shooting trip up in Valley Center and we had a lot of fun. Unfortunately, we didn't get to shoot as long at the longer distances that we wanted since the fog was so bad but we still did a decent amount of shooting regardless. Our group burned through about 1000 rounds of .22LR and I tried out my brother's BHP to see if I want to make an offer on it (I'm leaning towards it, but I just found a broken part in the gun when stripping it so I am now wondering... :( )

After shooting for 4 hours or so, we all decided to go down the mountain to Jilberto's for some Mexican food. As usual, I was open carrying and I hoped all the other guys would do it too but only Mario (USNChief) passed muster and joined me. No issues while there, though I did get the usual looks and such.

Good shooting trip fellow Calgunners! When the weather smiles with greater favor upon us, we shall have to do it again.


ETA: Right after the last of our shooting group left, the Sheriff showed up! We think that someone called the cops on us (meaning myself and possibly USNChief) because we were open carrying... LAME! Here is how I imagine the initial phone call to the cops...

"Umm, yeah, there is a guy here with a gun on his hip and he is ordering a burrito"
"Yeah, he is ordering it with extra carne asada. We don't know what to do!"
"We're so scared, he is sitting down and eating it! Holy crap, the gun isn't going off like an automated killing machine!"

I would love to call the station up there and ask them why they came out. I heard a few of the punks out there make mention of my gun as I came in and as they left but that was it.


FISHMAN said...

Hey guys... Too funny..I believe you met my step father at "Chillys"

He is the one that informed me about "OC". In fact today I went into the sub station here in Santa Ynez to talk to our Santa Barbara Sheriff Dpt. Sarg/Lut. But she was not in. But was told she will be back on Fri. So I will return to talk to her. I have met her before and she in nice.
I also work and train with the S.B.P.D. K9 units in Santa Barbara. The officers I know and their Sarg. are REALLY nice, good guys. I have even been aloud to go and do drug work (search) with them (the K9) very cool. I have several German Shepard protction dog's that I get to train with the K9 units. I go to dinner with the officers from time to time and have all their cell numbers and e-mail address too. So I intend to talk to them about "OC".

I too want to "OC". But I want to do it right. I have read all the blogs and PC's and info.

I will write back as soon as "they" get me some answers. Talk to ya soon....

Marlin...(like the gun)

TrackerPacker said...

Hey, email me your dad's name at so I know which person you're talking about :)

That is pretty sweet about the K9 units, as I used to do some decoying (real basic stuff) for French Ring and Schutzhund for my sister-in-law, who is a professional breeder and trainer of Belgian Malinois out in Missouri ( What is your role in the training process, this sounds like fun!

I think I know a dispatcher up in SBSD, I met him down at the In-n-Out gathering I went to where I OC'd, hehe.

The gun laws in this state have state pre-emption so you are pretty much good to go for OCing in SB, just follow all the applicable rules. Quizzing the Sheriff at this point should bring up many humorous points I think, hehe.

Let me know!