Friday, January 16, 2009

New SDPD Training Bulletin!

Looks like we are getting some notoriety around here, WOO HOO!


Aside from the fact that I am now considered a tactical threat for walking down the street and that I am being called a "subject" instead of an "individual" or "citizen", this memo seems to hit the spot.


Robert said...

Ok, this one sounds a bit harsher/more invasive than the other ones I read. It's almost saying 'technically they have the right to open carry, but that's about it.'

"The subject’s actions and
behavior before and during the contact will determine the appropriate response by the officers.
Officers may opt to make a “low-key” contact or conduct a high risk pedestrian hot stop."


elsensei said...

land of the free, my ass.

Mark said...

Great blog. More photos needed though.

TrackerPacker said...

You are right, I shall have to work on that. Your request shall be granted ASAP. :)