Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Express Tire, Donuts and Rite Aid

I followed my sister this morning to drop off her vehicle for an oil change at Express Tire and while there I packed the Tracker. As I walked into the building after holstering (strong-side to the trunk) there was one mechanic that pointed it out but didn't make a fuss.

After arranging for her oil change, my sister and I went over to the donut shop about 30' away (as I always do when in that area) and I picked out a normal sugar glazed donut. No issues there.

My sister and I then talked into Rite-Aid to get some stuff for her and I had no issues there either. Then again, there was literally no one there.

After walking back to the car to go home, we decided to get Mexican food at Pacific Taco (other end of the shopping center) so we walked the whole way there, only to find that they were not open yet. We left jaded and had eggs and potatoes at home.

As usual, uneventful, just how I like it...

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