Friday, February 20, 2009

WAMU and Chito's

So I took my friend Elmira with me today for running errands and since I had checks to cash I open carried into the main WAMU bank on Centre City Parkway with no issues to be had, not even a question about me being a cop. I was in there for about 10 minutes and I even forgot to bring my voice recorder, quite the dumb thing to forget.

After dropping her off back home, I went to my house and noticed a void in my upper gastrointestinal tract and decided to get some taquitos at Chito's Taco Shop near the mall. While I was waiting for my taquitos I sat outside in front of Slices Pizza and munched upon some hot carrots (Mi favorito, hombre. I wish that that hot carrots were made like french fries, they are AWESOME!) and the owner of Slices Pizza asked me if I was an LEO. I told him that I am a normal citizen and gave him a list of rules, why I can't get a CCW permit, how he can conceal in his place of business, etc. He seemed to be fairly interested and didn't seem too angsty about it.

If you are in the Escondido area, BTW, Slices Pizza makes a great place for pizza and beer (good beer, btw) and the owner of the shop is, in my book, a good man.




Dr. Paleo Ph.D. said...

Keep on working: test the waters, and acquaint the populace with the horribleshockingmurdertoolthingy. :-D

davina said...

You mentioned the 'nothing shall prevent anyone from carrying concealed a gun in their place of business' rule. I've always been curious as to whether they meant "your own place of business," or "your place of employment." Judging by the context of the law (being placed with words like 'residence' or 'property owned by the individual') it probably means only the owner can carry. But you could argue that even though you don't actually own the business, but rather work there, that it could count as a place where you conduct business, or your 'place of business.' Thanks congress for your awesome ambiguity! Not.