Thursday, February 5, 2009

Starbucks, Chili's and TGI Fridays

So after my fairly wretched week and studying for most of Wednesday, I decided to unwind for a little bit by meeting up with Flintlock Tom from for coffee at Starbucks. I got there a little bit early after picking up my Tracker from a friend so while waiting I sat in my car with my gun on the front seat and looking over my organic chemistry notes (anyone up for making gunpowder? :) )

At about 6:55 I holstered my gun and sat in front of Starbucks, searching the waistlines of everyone around to single out Tom. He showed up as planned, he bought us coffee (Thank you, Mr. Flintlock Tom!), sat down and spoke of guns, politics, odd life experiences, etc. for about an hour and a half, most of it in a normal, unhushed tone, like free men should. We were both joking about how the cops might get called since I was sitting strong side to the door but nothing happened, despite the 15 or so people that came in for coffee from the assorted karate and dance studios in the area. All in all, a very nice experience.

Eventually, Tom had to leave to pick up his son from a Bible study and I was about to head home myself when I got the inkling to go see my old workplace (Chili's) and see if anyone was on break in the parking lot to talk with. I ended up talking to one of my coworkers there about certain past events and I was informed that the "manager non grata" wasn't there and that I should come in and say HI. As usual, I holstered my Tracker and was at the bar for about an hour and a half, talking and reading a book (friend there needed help analyzing a particularly painful play) while waiting for everyone to get off work to hang out at TGI Friday's for a bit.

After checking for potential 626.9 violations, I headed over to TGI Friday's in Carmel Mountain and again holstered my Tracker. Heading in the manager was sweeping up the host stand and I went in right to one of the barside tables to sit with my friends. Right after sitting down, the following conversation ensued.

-Hey, are you a cop?
-No, I'm a normal citizen.
-Well, could you please take your gun out of here, like lock it in your car or something?
-OK, not a problem. Is there a sign out front that says no guns or something?
-No, it is just just store policy here in California not to allow guns in the bar.
-Alrighty then.

After I walked out, secured my weapon and came back in, the manager shook my hand and thanked me. The rest of the night was eventless, just how I like it. I will be checking, however, to see if there really is such a policy on the books at TGI Friday's. That should prove interesting.

Well, off to study some O-chem and Genetics. Adios for now!




Flintlock Tom said...

That's interesting. I took Mrs. Flintlock and Flintlock Philip out to dinner last week to the T.G.I.Friday in Mission Valley.
Big ol' gubmint 45 in a paddle holster. I sat with my strong side out all evening. Nobody said Boo.
A family, with kids, took the table next to us and nobody freaked.
I suspect the manager at "your" T.G.I.F. was just uptight.

Carry on, indeed.

TrackerPacker said...

Even more interesting is the fact that today I not only got a call from TGI Friday's manager in Carmel Mountain (Howard Greene) but I also got a call from someone higher up in the company that is looking into the policy on weapons in the chain since all California stores are owned under another franchise company.

The result of that call: They are going to post signs on all the TGI Friday stores now banning weapons.

I told them that I know where to not spend my money now :)